Distinguished personnel with vast experience

Clarion Medicals is an employer to distinguished personnel with vast experience in various occupational field accompanied with outstanding qualificational backgrounds.


Sir Edwin Mmuoemenam


Sir Edwin Mmuoemenam is the Managing Director of Clarion Medicals Nigeria. He is an astute businessman with tremendous practical managerial experience having founded and nurtured Clarion company to its present status as well as several other companies in various industries. All these experiences he garnered up to the level of Director and Chairmanships in Clarion Medicals and several companies. He has attended many business  enhancement workshops and has obtained sound management training  for executives from  world class institutions like  Harvard Business School USA  amongst others. Outside the corporate world, Sir Edwin Mmuoemenam has  extended Clarion’s core value of making a positive difference by establishing  a NGO aimed at providing free education to the less privileged children in  Nigeria.

Dr Shukla


Dr Shukla is Vice president of  Sales and Marketing for Pharmaceuticals  who officiates the activities of Pharmaceuticals  at all Clarion Offices globally. A Professional Par Excellence in International Pharmacy Marketing, Dr Shukla comes with his over two decades experience, testing West African and Asian Pharmaceutical Markets. A Result Oriented Professional, Dr Shukla began his career in Pfizer Ltd, India as a professional Service Officer in 1984.His yearn for results eventually earned him promotion to Senior District Manager. He left Pfizer in 2002,becoming a Regional Business  Manager for RPGLS India, and thereafter a State Franchise Manager in PSI India. His Stint in West African Market started in Many 2007 where he became the Country Head of GB Pharmaceutical (GH) Ltd. He Later became the GM-International Marketing for UMEDICA Labs in 2010. A 1983 graduate of Mumbai University, he obtained his masters in Organic Chemistry from Avadh University in 1993 and by 2008 bagged  a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Marketing from Trinity College,U.K. He is also a Diploma holder in Business Management and Industrial Research and has attended various workshops internationally.

Mr Abiodun Olaifa


Mr Olaifa is the Head of Sales and Marketing manager who presides over the distribution and sales of beverages across the country. He is an Associate Member of Nigeria Institute of Management with an MBA in Marketing from the Federal University of Technology Akure in addition to various professional trainings he has undertaken both home and abroad. Professionally, Mr Olaifa is an expert with over two decades of experience on the marketing field. Prior to his arrival at Clarion, Mr Olaifa held various positions at Nigerian Bottling Company, where he rose to become the Sales Manager of Oyo and Benin State Territory.  Mr Olaifa career began as a Sales officer at Seven-up Bottling Company Ibadan in 1988 after obtaining a degree in Business Administration from University of Ibadan. He went on to become a depot sales officer for Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) in 1993 before proceeding for a short stint at Danico Foods Ltd and finally Yios Energy Solutions. He became the Head of Beverages division several years ago and has succeeded in implementing his effective and cost-efficient strategies to grow the company’s brands to its current position.

Mr Eze Cavin Umunna


Mr Eze Cavin Umunna is the Chief Finance controller of the company who is an experienced accountant with solid experience in finance and accounting practices for decades. He is a graduate of the University of Nigeria Nsukka where he obtained a BSc (Hons) and subsequently MBA in banking and finance along with several professional qualifications from accredited institutions. Prior to his appointment at Clarion Medicals, he has worked with several reputable financial Institutions where he started as an Accounting Clerk and has progressed to the level of a Chief Financial Controller.

Mr Agwuncha Igwebuike


 Mr. Igwebuike  is an experienced and versatile Business Administrator who  heads the International Operations Department. He is a graduate of Business management with a BSc (Hons) from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and also a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management. He have worked with Clarion since it inception and has successfully pioneered the international and local operations of the company to a good standard.

Mr Evans Okeke


Mr Evans Okeke is currently the General Manager of several subsidiaries of Clarion Medicals Nigeria such as Edic Industrial Chemicals Ltd and occasionally presides over the marketing communications unit of the company as a result of his solid experience in marketing, prior to his appointment at Clarion Medicals. He is a graduate of Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi where he obtained a Bachelors’ degree in Food Science and Technology .He has held various positions in reputable companies such as Unilever Nigeria where he worked in the production and quality control department, Drugscope Nigeria Limited where he was the head of marketing unit amongst other companies. His versatile experience in addition  to   postgraduate degrees in Business Administration, Marketing  from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and certifications from National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria(NIMN), has enabled Mr Evans successfully grow and manage the personnel, resources, products of Clarion subsidiaries for over fifteen years.